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SLFF Election of Directors and Officers Calendar

September Newsletter: Ask for volunteers. Remind members there will be a December meeting with elections.

During September and the first part of October: Email members asking volunteers to come forward. Ask board members to nominate individuals.

During the October board meeting tentatively approve a slate of candidates from those who agree to run.

October newsletter; Remind members of the upcoming elections and proposed slate of candidates and that it is not too late to volunteer.

During the November board meeting go over any changes in proposed slate and ratifythe slate for the election.

November newsletter: Formally announce, per the bylaws that the December meeting will be our Annual meeting where we will elect officers and go over financials, etc.

December meeting: Propose a slate of candidates for election to the Board. Request nominations from the floor. Hold a voice vote on the slate. After election of the Board, the Board will adjourn to elect officers. Report back to the meeting results of officer election.

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