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Events RSVP Management

Adding a new event with RSVP

Events RSVP’ing is part of the Events Calendar plugin, events can be added and include RSVP functionality using the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard > Events > Add New
  2. Fill out the event information as appropriate including title, description, time & date, location.
  3. For RSVP functions fill out the ‘Tickets’ section of the event.
    1. Select ‘+ New RSVP
    2. Add a name including the data such as ‘SRR 04/24/22’ for Santa Rita Ranch on April 24, 2022
    3. Add Description
    4. Add RVSP availability Start and End dates
    5. Add Capacity
    6. Click ‘Save RSVP’. NOTE that you will also need to save the calendar event separately via the event page ‘Update’ button.

After saving please review your event and make sure all information is correct.

If any questions you can reach out to the website developer Rob Wickens rob ‘at’ 

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