The club has the loaner gear listed that you can use for your outing or if you want to try before you buy. You need to contact Mark Shelton, John Doyle, Danny McBride or Chris Rhodes, (contact info on website roster) to arrange to check out and return the gear to the storage locker. Contact Jim Snodgrass to arrange to borrow fly tying tools and some tying materials. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURNING ALL EQUIPMENT CLEAN AND IN GOOD WORKING ORDER. 

If you know you will need to borrow any equipment on the list, please get your requests in at least a week ahead of meetings so gear can be brought to you then. Thanks.

4 each 9 foot 7/8 weight outfits including ECHO reels with your choice of a floating, intermediate and full sinking lines. Stripping baskets available for the surf.
1 each ECHO Switch Rod (10’10” 6 weight) Will use ECHO reels described in the above listing or your own 8 weight reel and lines
5 each TFO outfits (4, 5 & 6 weight rods) with matching reels and floating lines
2 each Kick Boat float tubes with pumps fins and PFDs
Fly Tying Vices
NOTE: Contact information is available in the Club Membership Roster.
Club Storage Space Location : SLO Self Storage, 154 Suburban Road, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Club LIbrary





VHS  If you have it, use it

Beginnings,An Intro. To Flyfishing

Mel Krieger


Fly Tying Basics

Jack Dennis


Practical Trout Flies

Bob Lay &Al Beaty


Understanding Fly Tying Material

Scott Sanchez


Introduction to Fly Fishing DVD

Fly Fishing Made Easy

Scientific Anglers


Learning to Fly Fish for Trout

Jack Dennis


Why Fly Fishing

American Museum of Fly Fishing


Introduction to Fly Fishing Books

Elementry Fishing

Joseph D. Bates, Jr.


First Cast, the Beginners Guide to Fly Fishing

Leonard M. Wright Jr.


Fishing      a introduction pocket book

Golden Books


Fly Fishing, The Complete Guide

Tom McNally


Fly Fishing Tactics

Fly Fisherman Mag.


Fresh and Saltwater Spinning

Eugene Burns


A Primer of Flyfishing

Roderick Haig-Brown


Simplified Fly Fishing

Slaymaker, S.R. II


Trout,  Fly Tying & Fly Fishing

Philip White


 Casting DVD

Advanced Fly Casting

Scientific Anglers


The Art of Spey Casting

Jeffrey Pill


Dynamics of Fly Casting

Joan Wulff


Introduction to Fly Casting

Brian & Judith O’Keefe


Modern Nymphing – European Inspired Techniques

Devin Olsen & Lance Egan


Modern Spey Casting

Dec Hogan


The Double Haul

Rhea Topping


 Casting Books

Fly Casting, The Barns Sports Library

Gilmer G. Robinson


The Cast

Ed Jaworowski


Special Interest DVD

Bugs of the Underworld (copy 1)

Ralph & Lisa Cutter


Bugs of the Underworld (copy 2)

Ralph & Lisa Cutter


Carpin’ overview of Fly for Carp

Multipal Guides


Crowley Lake University (5DVD set)

Kent Rianda


Crowley, An Underwater Perspective

Kent Rianda


Entomology for the Fly Fisher (by THE bug guy)

Robert Younghanz


European Nymphing (copy 1)

Jack Dennis & Vladi


European Nymphing (copy 2)

Jack Dennis & Vladi


European Nymphing (copy 3)

Jack Dennis & Vladi


Get Bent, Issue 3

Fly Fishing Magazine


Improve Your Fly Fishing (copy 1)

Jack Dennis


Improve Your Fly Fishing (copy 2)

Jack Dennis


Jacks Secret Wyoming

Jack Dennis


Pacific North West Fly Patterns

Patricks Fly Shop


Pan Fish and Bass


Sea Trout – Tarpon


Sierra Fly Fishing Vol.1

Guy Jeans


Sierra Fly Fishing Vol. 2

Guy Jeans


Spey Fishing Steelhead

John Hazel


Strategies for Selective Trout


Successful Strategies

Gary LaFontaine



Brautigan, McGuane & Harrison


The Way of the Trout

Trout Unlimited


Underwater World of Trout – Discovery

Underwater Oz


Underwater World of Trout – Feeding Lies

Underwater Oz


On The Rise 1 & 2


Special Interest Books

A Modern Dry-fly Code

Vincent Marinardo


Aquatic Insects



Atlantic Salmon Flies & Fishing

Joseph D. Bates Jr.


Catch That Fish, Essential Guide

Peter Gathercole


Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect

Leonard M. Wright, Jr.


Flies of the Northwest

Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club


Greased Line Fishing for Salmon & Steelhead

Jock Scott


Hunting Wildlife with Camera and Flashlight



Kayak Fishing, The Ultimate Guide

Scott Null & Joel McBride


Selective Trout

Doug Swisher & Carl Richards


Secret Fresh and Salt Water Fishing…



Stillwater Fly Fishing Secrets

Hal W. Janssen


Tactics on Trout



The Dry Fly & Fast Water

La Branche, G.L.M. 


The Essential G.E.M. Skues

Lyons Press


The Trout and the Stream

Brooks, Charles E.


The Year of the Trout

Rayond, Steve


This Wonderful World of Trout



Warm Water Fly Fishing

Currier, Jeff


Western Fly-Fishing Strategies

Mathews, Craig


What the Trout Said

Proper, Datus


Fly Tying DVD

Skills of Fly Tying 5 Disk Collection

Jack Dennis and Friends


Skills of Fly Tying 6 Disk Collection

Jack Dennis and Friends


Steelhead Fyies Tying Classics

Dec Hogan – Marty Howard


Tying and Fishing Stillwater Flys

Jack Dennis


Tying Flies for Spring Creeks & Tailwaters

Mike Lawson


Fly Tying Books

Fly Tying, Materials, Tools, Technique






Master Fly Tying Guide

Art Flick and other Greats


California May Flies for Fly Fisherman

Lorand D. Cosand


Poul Jorgensen’s Book of Fly Tying

Jorgensen, Poul


Professional Fly Tying Manual

Ben Rodkin


Salt Water Flies

Hermann Kessler


Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing



The Art of Fly Tying

Steve Probasco


The Art of Weaving Hair Hackels

George F. Grant


The Essential Fly Tier



Tie Your Own Flys

Roy Patrick


Trout Flies & How to Tie Them

Noll, H.J.


Tying and Fishing the Thunder Creek Series

Keith Flusher


Western Trout Fly Tying Manual

Dennis, Jack


Rod Building Books

Bamboo Flyrods, Handcrafting

Wayne Cattanach


Fly Rod Building

Art Scheck


The Technology of Fly Rods

Don Phillips


 Entertainment DVD




Miracle Mile



Raising the Ghost



Red Gold


Rivers of a Lost Coast (copy 1)

Tom Skerritt


Rivers of a Lost Coast (copy 2)

Tom Skerritt


A River Runs Through It

Robert Redford


 Entertainment Books

An Outdoor Journal, Adventures and Reflections

Jimmy Carter


A Flyfisher’s World

Lyons, Nick


A Unit of Water, A Unit of Time, Joe Whites Last Boat       by Douglas Whynott


Cowboy Trout

Paul Shullery


Ernest Hemingway Slept Here and other tales

Larry Wakefield


Even Brook Trout Get the Blues

John Gierach


History of the Tuna Club (of Catalina)



Mottram on Fly Fishing Mysteries

Mottram, James


Destination DVD

Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort, Solvang, CA

John Ross


Southwester Montana Fly Fishing Tour

Tom Smith Back Country Tour


Destination Books

America’s 100 Best Trout Streems


Fishing Vermont’s Streams and Lakes

Cammann, Peter F.


Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Mattison, Barrett & Jones, Evan


The Real Story onTrout Fishing New Zealand

Orman, Tony


Paper Back Fiction

A Flishermans World

Mari Lyons


Casting in Dead Water

Leitz, David


Dying to Fly Fish

Leitz, David


Even Brook Trout Get The Blues

John Gierach


Fish On

Jeannine Savage


Motteram on Fly Fishing Mysteries

Paul Schullery


Sex, Death and Flyfishing

John Gierach


The Fly Fisher’s Reader

14 Short Stories and Tails


Music CD

Papa Was a Fishin’ Man

Worlds Greatest Fishing Band



 Soaring Eagle Lodge
 Alisal Guest Ranch And Resort
 Southwestern Montana Fly Fishing Tour
  Bugs Of The Underworld
  Ralph & Lisa Cutter
  Crowley Lake University   ( 5 DVD SET )
  Kent Rianda
  Dynamics Of Fly Casting
  John Wulff
  European Nymphing     ( Copy 1 )
  Jack Dennis & Vladi
  European Nymphing     ( Copy  2 )
  Jack Dennis &  Vladi
  Get Bent, Issue 3
  Fly Fishing Magazine
  Improve Your Fly Fishing  ( Copy 1 )
  Jack Dennis
  Improve Your Fly Fishing  ( Copy 2 )
  Jack Dennis
  Learning To Fly Fish For Trout                                                           
  Jack Dennis
  Tying And Fishing Stillwater  Flys           
  Jack Dennis
  Miracle Mile                                                                                          
  Modern Spey Casting
  Dec Hogan
  Raising The Ghost                                                                                
  Red Gold
  Rivers Of A Lost Coast  ( Copy 1 )
  Tom Skerritt
  Rivers Of A Lost Coast  ( Copy 2 )                                                           
  Tom Skerritt
  Sierra Fly Fishing vol. 1           
  Guy Jeans
  Sierra Fly Fishing vol. 2
  Guy Jeans
  Spey Fishing Steelhead                                                                           
  John Hazel
Successful Strategies                   
  Gary Lafontaine
McGuane & Harrison
  The Art OF Spey Casting                            
  Jeffrey Pill
  The Double Haul
  Rhea  Topping
  The Way Of The Trout        
  Trout Unlimited
  Why Fly
  American Museum Of Fly Fishing

 Hardback Non-Fiction

A Flyfisher’s World                                                                                                                     Ovington

Fly Tying, Materials, Tools, Technique                                                                                   Shaw

History Of The Tuna Club                                                                                                         Avalon

Hunting Wildlife With Camera and Flashlight                                                                   Shiras

Lake Fishing With A Fly                                                                                                           Cordes  & Kaufmann

Mottram on Fly Fishing Mysteries                                                                                        Mottram, James

Secret Fresh And Salt Water Fishing                                                                                   Herter

Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing                                                                                            Bates

 Surf Fishing                                                                                                                                Evanoff

Tactics on Trout                                                                                                                         Ovington

The Essential Fly Tier                                                                                                                Leonard

The Essential G.E.M. Skues                                                                                                     Lyons Press

The Wonderful World of Trout                                                                                              Fox

What the Trout Said                                                                                                                 Proper, Datus

Paper Back Non-Fiction

A Flyfisher’s World                                                                                                                    Lyons, Nick

Bamboo Flyrods, Handcrafting                                                                                             Wayne, Cattanach

First Cast, The Beginner’s Guide to Fly Fishing                                                                Wright, Leonard M  , Jr

Fisherman’s Summer                                                                                                              Haig-Brown,Roderick L.

Fishing Vermont’s Streams and Lakes                                                                                Cammann Peter F.

Fly Fishing in Patagonia                                                                                                          Mattson, Barrett  & Jones, Evan

Fly Tying Guide                                                                                                                          Merwin, John

Paul Jorgenson’s Book of Fly Tying                                                                                      Jorgenson, Paul

Professional Fly Tying Manual                                                                                               Spittler, Marvin Peter

               Simplified Fly Fishing                                                                                               Slaymaker, S. R. II

The Dry Fly and Fast Water                                                                                                    La Branche, G, L, M.

The Real Story on Trout Fishing New Zealand                                                                  Orman, Tony

The Trout and the Stream                                                                                                       Brooks, Charles E.

The Year of the Trout                                                                                                                Raymond, Steve

Trout Flies and How To Tie Them                                                                                         Noll, H. J.

Warm Water Fly Fishing                                                                                                         Currier, Jeff

Western Fly-Fishing Strategies                                                                                            Mathews, Craig

Western Trout Fly Tying Manual                                                                                          Dennis, Jack

Paper Back Fiction

Casting in Dead Water                                                                                                             Leitz, David

Dying to Fly Fish                                                                                                                        Leitz,David

Sex, Death and Flyfishing                                                                                                       Gierach, John

Music CD

Papa Was A Fishn’ Man                                                                                                           World’s Greatest Fishing Band


Fly Tyer, Vol. VII, Issue 1



Advanced Fly Casting                                                                                                                Doug Swisher

Advanced Techniques For Stillwaters                                                                                   Denny Rickards

Argentina, Trout                                                                                                                          Jim & Kelley Watt

Art Of Tying The Nymph                                                                                                           Skip Morris

Beginnings, An Intro To Flyfishing                                                                                         Mel Krieger                                                   

Belize – Fly Fishing Fantasy   – Vol, #2                                                                                    Jim & Kelly Watt

Discovery                                                                                                                                       The Underwater World Of Trout

Dynamics Of Fly Casting                                                                                                           John Wolff

Costa Rica – Fly Fishing Paradise                                                                                            Jim & Kelly Watt

Florida’s Bonefish  And Tarpon                                                                                               Jim & Kelly Wat

Fly Tying Basics                                                                                                                            Jack Dennis

Iliaska Rainbows & Grayling                                                                                                      Jim & Kelly Watt

Lees Ferry- The Colorado River                                                                                                Jim & Kelly Watt

Miramichi – Atlantic Salmon                                                                                                    Jim & Kelly Watt

Montana Trout And Nature Conservancy                                                                            Jim & Kelley Watt

New Zealand’s South Island                                                                                                    Jim & Kelly Watt

Pay To Play – Stillwater Trout                                                                                                  Jim & Kelly Watt

Practical Trout Flies                                                                                                                  Bob Lay  & Al Beaty

Sailfish And White Marlin, Isla Mujeres                                                                               Jim & Kelly Watt

Sailfish, Costa Rica                                                                                                                    Jim & Kelly Watt

Sea Trout, Tierra Del Fuego, Chile                                                                                         Fly Fishing Magazine

Steelhead Flies – Tying Classics                                                                                             Dec Hogan & Marty Howard

Silver Creek And Cousin Down Under                                                                                Jim & Kelly Watt

Tarpon, Snook & Guapote                                                                                                      Jim & Kelly Watt

Tarpon,,,,,The Silver King                                                                                                         Jim & Kelly Watt

Tying Stillwater Patterns For Trophy Trout                                                                        Denny Richards

Understanding Fly Tying Material                                                                                        Scott Sanchez

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