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Processing a New Membership-Secretary

Processing a new Membership Application on the Website by the Secretary

  1. The secretary should be monitoring the WordPress backend of the website periodically to watch for new Member Applications.  To do so, log into the website and click on “Analytics” then “Orders”.  Note, you may have to change the Date Range at the top of the Orders page to capture all recent orders as the default is Month to Date.
  2. Click on the Order Number and change the Status from Processing to Completed. Click on “Update” in the right column.
  3. Log into Smartwaiver to confirm that the new member has submitted a waiver.  If they haven’t, you will need to Email or Call to ask them to do so.  If the new member is a minor, the Waiver will need to be signed by a Parent or Guardian and, if the minor will be participating with someone other than the Parent or Guardian, the responsible Member must be identified and also sign the Waiver.
  4. Go into “Users” and use the “Search Users” function to open the New Member’s profile.  Click on “Edit” and change the Role to “Subscriber” and the Forum Role to “Participant”.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Update User.”
  5. Go to “User Insights” and use the “Add Filter” button to filter by first or last name to open the User Insights profile. Click on the Pencil Icon next to “Dues Paid” and enter the current year and then click on the Pencil Icon again to save it.  Click on the Pencil Icon next to “Joined Date” and enter the Month and Year that the member joined and click on the Pencil Icon to save it.
  6. Send an email with the new member’s name and email address to the club President, Newspaper Editor, and Membership Chair. If you are processing multiple new members, this information can be combined on one email.
  7. Send an email to Recognition Works with member’s name(s) and ask them to produce badges for Santa Lucia Fly fishers.  Include your phone number on the email so that they can call you when the badges are done.

Processing a new Membership Paper Application

The club is discouraging paper applications but if one is received the Secretary must complete the User Profile.  Go to “Users” and “Add New”.  Enter all of the information from the paper application but leave the area for “Website” blank.  Enter the temporary password Temp1234567! and make sure that the check box for “Send User Notification” is checked.  This will send an email to the new member that they need to establish their own password.

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