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Adding Board Minutes

File Naming

For consistency and so that files show in order, please name them with the following naming convention – monthyear-slff-bod-minutes.pdf

As an example for Jan 2022 name the file 0122-slff-bod-minutes.pdf and make sure to use hyphens and not spaces to avoid the name ‘breaking’ when downloading.

File Uploading

  • Login to the WordPress backend
  • Click on Dashboard > Media
  • Upload your file by selecting ‘Add New’ and either drag or select the file on your computer
  • Once uploaded, single click on the file image you just uploaded
  • On the next window that opens to the right click ‘Copy the URL to clipboard’
  • Close the window by selecting the x on the top right

Linking File

  • Go to the Board Minutes page here
  • Select ‘Edit with Elementor’
  • Click on the text box you want to edit
  • On the left in the ‘Text Editor’ highlight the text you want to link to such as ‘January 2022’
  • In the Text Editor controls select the ‘Chain Link icon – Insert/edit link’
  • Paste the URL you copies to your clipboard in the ‘Paste URL or type to search’ field
  • Select the ‘Gear’ icon and on the window that opens select the checkbox ‘Open link in a new tab’ and then click ‘Update’
  • In the Text Editor controls ‘Bold’ and ‘Underline’ the text to signify that the month is hotlinked
  • Click the bottom left ‘Update’ button to save the page.

All set, you can now close the page and review the Board Minutes page.

If any questions you can reach out to the website developer Rob Wickens rob ‘at’ 

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