Santa Lucia Flyfishers

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There are, according to Google... over 16,900,000 websites discussing fly fishing,

YouTube shows over 74,900 videos dealing with the same subject and the iPhone and Android phones even have applications available, assuming you take them to the river!

So, for anyone with Internet access, finding information (and misinformation!) on the subject of fishing knots is pretty easy.

However, we have come across a few websites that seem particularly helpful, and they’re listed below.

Here are local & regional reports for both fresh water & salt water:
  -- Fresh Water --
 CA Trout Plants : California DF&G Fish Planting Schedule
Kern River : Kern River Fly Fishing 
Mammoth Area : Troutfitters In Mammoth Eastern Sierras
Sacramento - American Rivers : Fly Fishing Specialties 
Northern CA - Redding :   The Fly Shop
  -- Salt Water --
Gary Bulla Saltwater report
Fly Fishing for California HALIBUT
Here are links to help you prepare for your next trip:
Lower Sacramento River, CA
 Sacramento Delta, CA  - Bass
California Surf and Beaches Fly Fishing

Sierra Drifters Guide Service

Hunter Liggett Military Reservation

Frontiers International Flyfishing

Baja on the Fly 

Dan Blanton Outdoor Ventures 

National Parks - everything you need to know about our parks - check the forecast for your destination

Maps & detailed point to point travel directions


Here are links to make sure you have everything you will need:


Kern River Troutfitters - Guy Jeans shop in Kernville 

Fisherman's Spot in Van Nuys

The Artful Angler in Carpenteria 

American Fly Fishing in Sacramento

The Fly Shop in Redding

Bob Marriotts Fly Fishing 


Orvis Online Catalog 

Cabelas Online Catalog 



Here are websites that are excellent resources for the fly tier:


The Flytiers Page - the best photographs of flies on the Internet 

Fly Anglers Online - weekly online magazine with extensive pattern library 

West Fly Pattern Indice

Match the Hatch - with this California hatch index 


Sites that will help you learn more about fly fishing:


California Fly Fishers Magazine

Fishing Knot Videos 

Fly Fishing Internet Radio