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    Lew Leichter

    Green & New Fork Rivers, Pinedale, Wyoming

    Contact: Lew Leichter 805 934-2476, lsleichter@hotmail.com

    Fish Species – Primarily a brown trout fishery but with a good mix of rainbows and cutthroats.

    When – Late June to mid July. A relatively short window after the runoff and while there is still enough water to drift.

    Where – Numerous drifts on both rivers with much less fishing pressure then you will encounter at Wyoming’s more famous fishing venues. Also plenty of other opportunities at nearby lakes and small streams.

    Gear – Primarily 9 foot 6 weights. Good for playing and releasing fish quicker and for the winds. Almost all fishing done with a floater; may want a sinker to fish streamers in the wind.

    Useful Fly Patterns – Major Green Drake hatch this time of year lasting several hours. Plan to fish double dries.

    Necessary Gear – The usual and go prepared for wind, rain, etc. This is Wyoming!

    Fishing Techniques – You will primarily be site casting from a drift boat to trout rising for the Green Drake hatch. Be prepared to fish double dries with a large parachute Green Drake on top and a smaller Green Drake dry as your point fly. Most takes are on the point fly. Fish streamers with a sinking line if it gets too windy.

    License – Wyoming non-resident license can be purchased on line. Note if purchased in advance and your plans change you’re out of luck!

    Local Information -Try to book with my good friend and fishing guide Bill Happersett. Bill’s cell is 307- 413-3960. He doesn’t do email. Another good source of info is Two Rivers Emporium in Pinedale 800 324-4253


    A nice place to stay just outside of town is the Lakeside Lodge & Resort or there are numerous motels in town. .


    Area Map

    Green & New Fork Rivers Pinedale, Wyoming


    See Below


























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