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    Don Wheeler

    A buddy and I have done 6-7 DIY trips to Baja in the past few years. In February we drove to Loreto on the gulf side, fished for a couple of days and then went over to Magdalena Bay on the Pacific for another few days.

    Loreto was rather slow. The Rooster fish and Dorado weren’t around, perhaps because the sardines were out in deeper water spawning. We did catch a large number of barracuda, a few medium sized pargo and snapper, a couple of corvina and jacks.

    The first day among the mangroves in Magdalena Bay was very interesting. We both hooked fish that were impossible to stop. We never saw them but the panga captain thought that they could be giant Golden Trevally or grouper (we have caught smaller versions of both in the past). We also hooked decent sized Snook, trigger fish, Corbina, and lots of Bay Bass.

    The following day, we made a long run out of the mouth of Mag Bay into a spectacular scene of Gray and Humpback whales, huge Marlin leaping out of the water and swimming under the panga, large schools of Dorado chasing Sardina and Sea Lions chasing the Dorado. The Dorado seemed very spooky but I landed a couple in the 20 lb class.

    Baja Mexico is a great place to fish. It is fairly inexpensive if you don’t stay at resorts, eat at the wonderful local restaurants and stay at modest hotels. Every once in a while, you hit it just right and the fishing is breathtaking.

    Mark Shelton

    Hi Don:

    I’ve probably asked you this before, but since I’m on the forum, here goes:

    Do you find winter to be the best fishing in Mag Bay mangroves? I fished there in July and caught loads of smallish fish. I want to return, maybe this fall or winter, and would like to hit some bigger fish in the mangroves.



    Don Wheeler

    Mark, we go in winter as it is when my buddy goes to his place in Todos Santos. We also have been there once in June and did pretty well as I remember. Decent fish but nothing huge.

    Don Wheeler

    This is a very interesting post about Magdalena Bay in Baja. Mark Shelton and Bob Bayer have seen it but I thought others might be interested as well. http://www.danblanton.com/viewmessage.php?id=220635

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