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Carson Dicicco

Surf Set Up

I have a couple thoughts and questions about the different surf set ups within the group. Personally I’m running an 8 weight with 6-8″ sink tip shooting head. I’ve been told this might be a little much. I also know that some of the members use 6 & 7 weights and a couple have switch rods. Any one try all of the them and have a preference? Typically I run two flies about 3-4′ apart for a total leader length of 6-8′ of straight 15lb monofilament. What does everyone else’s leaders look like? On the past 2 trips I’ve notice that the majority of the fish I get are taking the lead fly which has been a red checkerboard. Apart of me thinks this is due to the fly being further down in the water column and more in the fish’s face, but another part of me thinks it is just fly preference. On the next trip I am planning on switching them to see if there is a difference. Anyone else have any thoughts on that? Another thing I have notice is that I’m usually hooking fish about 30-40′ away from my position. Has anyone notice anything similar for distance?

– Carson D.