Santa Lucia Flyfishers

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Major Activities of the Santa Lucia Fly Fishers (SLFF)

As a non-profit, all-volunteer fly fishing club, we don't use a hard-sell approach when recruiting members. Our goal is to continue being a great club, not a large club. Most members continue membership due to the camaraderie, friendships and activities facilitated by the club. Here are some of our major activities:


Meetings of SLFF are on the second Thursday of each month, except for the March fund raiser and the August beach picnic/bbq. The first portion of our meetings include: selling tickets for our raffle which can include  some cool fly fishing items, introduction of new members & guests, members sharing their recent good fishing experiences and general announcements of upcoming events and activities. The meeting then continues with a program given by a guest expert or club member on a topic related to fly fishing. Speakers include fishing guides, authors, conservationists and club members.

Our meetings are free and open to the public. Meetings are usually held in our own room at a local SLO restaurant, but will be via Zoom for at least the next few months of 2021. Check the Home page or the Meetings Page for more details, a google map and directions. The March meeting is our annual fund raising luncheon auction and raffle held at another location.


The club provides a wealth of information to members through "Tight Lines"  our monthly newsletter. The newsletter presents articles on outings, programs, fly tying and conservation, as well as a calendar of events. These articles are written by members, other local fly fishing groups and nationally known experts.

Fishing Trips


The club organizes a number of fishing trips each year, which may range from informal day trips to professionally guided trips. Some of the destinations include surf perch outings on local beaches, still water outings on local lakes, multi-day outings to the Western & Eastern Sierras, Northern California trips to Manzanita Lake & Lake Almanor and steelhead trips to the Trinity & Klamath rivers. Occasionally out of state trips will be organized. Members have access to trip details, invaluable for planning for and participating in an outing. A list of our normal annual trips is on the Outings page in the About section.


Members have access to the members-only sections of the website, including the "trip book" which lists club members who are highly experienced on certain waters and are willing to share their information with others. The members-only section also includes a wide variety of discussion topics on the Forum page.

Seminars & Clinics


The club conducts a number of educational events throughout the year. The monthly fly tying get together, led by a different member each month, introduces the art of tying flies to beginners as well as new patterns to experienced tiers. The annual series of casting clinics, put on each Spring by our five certified casting instructors, is tailored to all skill levels, and by itself is worth way more than the annual dues. Periodically additional seminars, clinics and demonstrations are given in "fly fishing 101", still water fly fishing, rod building, knot tying, etc.

Conservation &  Community Activities

The club has long supported many of the regulatory and legislative changes which protect wild and native trout, steelhead and salmon in California. We have also worked on local streams and rivers to improve the habitat and to restore spoiled waterways. We believe that one of the best ways to promote conservation of our natural resources is to introduce others to the value, beauty and enjoyment of these resources. We also believe that there is nothing more therapeutic than spending some time on the water with a fly rod whether or not the fish cooperate. We offer members a variety of chances to contribute their time and resources to deserving causes.