Santa Lucia Flyfishers

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Welcome Ladies of the Fly - Fly fishing that is.!!!

Glad you found this page..... You just do not see many women at fly fishing clubs or for that matter even my word programs didn't have a photo of a women fly fishing.

We need to be able to find out about the sport at a women's level. Trying to find equipment and even be able to speak to a salesperson in a Cabellas or a mom and pop shop without the look of horror in their eyes. Women need equipment that fits different and how about hats and vests that fit correctly. Now don't get me started !!!

So here we are, beginning a new page just for us ladies. Perhaps you have a question or need some assistance. Let's help each other and our club by posting web pages and articles dealing with specific items. Do you have anything to share??? If so, please email it to Bonnie Eisner, who will be managing this page or to our webmasters, Art Chapman and Bob Benassi. Thanks and come join us at a monthly meeting. Dates, times and directions are on the Home page. We look forward to seeing you soon.

In the meantime, take a look below at the equipment sources, information and resources we have compiled just for you. 

Equipment Sources

Information and Resources